Extract from Pressrelease:

“In Pink Noise Series, Maria Nordin examines the revealing and physically intrusive, the superficial and the psychologically charged skin. The new series of paintings The Pink Noise Series, consists of eight paintings where the subject is close ups of faces. But by the carnal presentation and the choice of format, with an enlargement and cropping where the faces are falling out over the paper, the pictures are striving after to be something other than a portrait. They force us to closely examine the skin beyond the face and detect it as a readable surface full of stories told by stains, wear and blemishes. While the beholder at the same time is coming physically closer and gets access to an otherwise impossible position, ambivalence is created when the images eyes return a searching look.  
In Nordins work there is an exploration of what is happening on the surface. The pictures surface and the body’s surface are showing themselves as the only surface. The paintings disguise not only people’s bodies and faces, but also the material itself, where bare skin is woven together with the paper and will balance closeness, intimacy and discomfort. “